in the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly of Deputies
1. Committee on Budget and Tax Policy
          Chair: Moiseev Sergey Veniaminovich
2. Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship
          Chair: Kazarinov Victor Evgenyevich 
3. Committee on Industrial Policy, Transport, Communications and Ecology
          Chair: Belokorovin Ernest Anatolyevich 
4. Committee on Nature Management and Timber Processing Complex
          Chair: Dyatlov Alexander Vladimirovich
5. Committee on Land Issues and Building
          Chair: Borodin Alexey Nikolaevich 
6. Committee on Housing Policy and Communal Services
          Chair: Annin Andrey Olegovich 
7. Committee on Agricultural Policy, Fishery and Trade
          Chair: Levachev Vladimir Grigoryevich 
8. Committee on Health Care and Social Policy
          Chair: Emmanuilov Sergey Dmitrievich 
9. Committee on Youth Policy and Sport
          Chair: Pozdeeva Ekaterina Nikolaevna 
10. Committee on Education and Science
          Chair: Chesnokov Igor Alexandrovich 
11. Committee on Culture and Tourism
          Chair: Fortygin Vitaly Sergeevich 
12. Committee on Legislation and Judicial Issues
          Chair: Vtory Stanislav Alexeevich 
13. Committee on Regional Policy and Local Self-Government Issues
          Chair: Polikarpov Alexander Efimovich 
14. Committee on Ethics and Regulations
          Chair: Golyshev Mikhail Eduardovich 

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